Community dialogues as a strategy for identifying and addressing child protection needs in Shinyanga, Tanzania

Community dialogues as a strategy for identifying and addressing child protection needs in Shinyanga, Tanzania

In this chapter for Developmental Science and Sustainable Development Goals for Children and Youth, Amina Abubakar, Stanley Wechuli Wanjala, Patrick Nzivo Mwangala, Moses Kachama Nyongesa and I present community dialogues as a participatory research and program development strategy through which developmental scientists and local community partners can collaboratively surface, discuss, address, and evaluate child protection … Continue reading

Book review: Early childhood education for Muslim children

Note: My colleague Hasina Ebrahim from South Africa invited me to review her insightful book as it was being published in late 2016. I was honoured to have the opportunity to review it and comment on its contribution to the field. Hasina Banu Ebrahim’s book, Early Childhood Education for Muslim Children: Rationales and Practices in South Africa (2017), is … Continue reading

How do you transform data into a great story?

How do you transform your troves of data into a story that fascinates people and moves them to act? This is an issue with which researchers, analysts, and evaluators grapple on an ongoing basis. Last week, I had the opportunity to learn and reflect on these very matters with colleagues working with data in the … Continue reading

Noteworthy ECD resources (v5): Babies and parenting

[This post is part of my Noteworthy Early Childhood Development (ECD) Resources series, which rounds up and highlights key resources on particular topics.]   I am often asked by parents of young children for clarification on some of the recommendations made by ‘experts’ on various aspects of parenting infants and toddlers, especially around sleep. As a … Continue reading

Racism and imperialism in the child development discourse: deconstructing ‘developmentally appropriate practice’

[This post is part of a series highlighting particular publications or resources I have written or developed in the past which may be of interest to my blog readers.] One of the most influential approaches to early childhood education in North America is ‘Developmentally Appropriate Practice’ (DAP), articulated by the NAEYC. When I used Foucauldian and other … Continue reading