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How do you transform data into a great story?

How do you transform your troves of data into a story that fascinates people and moves them to act? This is an issue with which researchers, analysts, and evaluators grapple on an ongoing basis. Last week, I had the opportunity to learn and reflect on these very matters with colleagues working with data in the … Continue reading

Why I use the term ‘Majority world’ instead of ‘developing countries’ or ‘Third world’

As you may have noticed in my blog posts, I avoid using the terms ‘developing world’ or ‘Third world’. Instead, I use the term ‘Majority world’. Here’s why. The terms ‘developing world’ and ‘Third world’ imply that ‘development’ is a standard, linear process, and that certain ‘developed’ countries have finished ‘developing’ and are the norm towards … Continue reading

Knowledge and responsibility

Last week I was at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) conference, and this week I am at the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) conference. I have been thinking about ‘knowledge’, the ‘application’ of knowledge, and the ‘how’ of that application. At the AERA opening plenary, Linda Tuhiwai Smith spoke on the conference theme … Continue reading