How do CBO leaders in eastern and southern Africa define social change, effectiveness, and success – and how can funders better support them?

I am proud to share this peer-reviewed article I co-authored alongside Susan Wilkinson-Maposa, and my colleagues who are CBO leaders: Mary Kabati, Prosper Ndaiga, Saeed Wame and Moses Zulu. In this piece, we discussed the community-based organisation (CBO) leader and practitioner perspective on social change and partnering. Through surveys, interviews, and convenings involving CBOs from nine countries in eastern and southern Africa, we found that many CBOs focus on mobilizing, engaging, and empowering the community to take charge of their own development, in contrast to international aid’s focus on program implementation and service delivery. We recommended that donor–CBO partnering arrangements integrate this role and definition of effectiveness.

You can read the full article at Development in Practice. If you do not have access to Development in Practice, you are welcome to contact me for a copy of the article.

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