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Why I use the term ‘Majority world’ instead of ‘developing countries’ or ‘Third world’

As you may have noticed in my blog posts, I avoid using the terms ‘developing world’ or ‘Third world’. Instead, I use the term ‘Majority world’. Here’s why. The terms ‘developing world’ and ‘Third world’ imply that ‘development’ is a standard, linear process, and that certain ‘developed’ countries have finished ‘developing’ and are the norm towards … Continue reading

Primary education in Pakistan: Outcomes on key indicators

Pakistan has signed the Convention on the Rights of the Child and voted in support of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, both of which assert the right of each child to education, with primary education compulsory and available free to all. However, Pakistan is far from achieving universal access to primary education, and primary education quality remains … Continue reading

The status of education in Pakistan

Recently the South Asian Forum for Education Development (SAFED) released their annual report on the status of education in Pakistan: Annual Status of Education Report 2011. (The full report in pdf format is available here.) The report highlights some of the key challenges facing education in Pakistan. In rural areas, one out of every five children … Continue reading